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New Patient Forms

Below you will find our new patient forms. Feel free to print and complete the forms before your first visit with us. While we do not require that you complete this paperwork prior to visiting our practice, this will save you and our staff time when you come in for your appointment.


When you come into out office for an appointment, you can expect prompt service! Our doctor and staff work hard to make sure every patient feels relaxed and at home when they walk through our doors. Since chiropractic care generally involves more than one visit, our team works to build trusting relationships with every patient. We believe the best way to have a successful patient relationship is to fully explain everything in advance. This way the patient knows exactly what their treatment is going to be and what it involves. The more the patient knows, the more they can relax when they come in for their appointment.



During your first visit you will receive an in depth:

  • Consultation with our doctor about what is concerning you

  • Thorough chiropractic, neurological, and orthopedic examination to help locate the cause of the problem

  • Full spine x-rays (as indicated)


If it is determined that chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition, you will then receive (or be scheduled for) your first treatment.




Restore Family Chiropractic believes in the value of proper health care for you and your family and we have maintained a pricing structure that allows care irrespective of insurance coverage.

Our office participates in most insurance programs, and carries in-network coverage for most providers. We accept auto accident cases. That said, insurance companies often don't have chiropractic care in mind when they plug you into their algorithm to dictate your coverage. Sometimes the care is great. Often it isn't. With that in mind, we don't want cost to be a reason people don't make decisions for their health, and do our best to work with you to give you the best results at the best price for you. The best first step is to book a New Patient Appointment through our website or by calling us, and bringing your insurance card with you to that appointment. Our dedicated in-house billing associate will check your coverage for you, and you will know full coverage, careplan, and payment options before beginning a regular course of care.

Here are some important things to keep in mind.

1) You are encouraged to call your own insurance company to verify coverage, but keep in mind, they tend to have long hold times and don't always provide the clearest solution. Often they require a diagnosis from the initial exam before they confirm exact coverage. This is why we will verify insurance for you after your first appointment. We want to save you the headache, and want to advocate for you to get the best coverage possible.

2) Insurance companies are not healthcare providers. They are for-profit companies designed to maximize their profit. They only tend to provide coverage for those things that helps meet that end.

3) The cost of not taking care of yourself adds up quickly. Missing work because you can't stand for long periods, or going to a medical doctor for bigger procedures, or longterm pain medication designed only to mask the symptoms can cost a lot more than chiropractic care. Depending on job and payment level, missing a few days of work can be more expensive than an entire year of wellness chiropractic care. Factor in out of pocket costs for doctor's visits and other expenses, chiropractic care is incredibly inexpensive.

4) Left untreated, most conditions do not improve with time. The pain may temporarily go away, but it will return, and often with a vengeance and at the worst possible time. It's best to take action for your health before your body starts screaming at you!

5) We use important pre and post-adjustment exercises, as well as exercises for you to do at home, to help you get the best results possible. This means you can get out of the corrective care phase sooner, which helps speed up the healing process. Less pain, greater health, for longer!

The best first step is to schedule an exam, so we can know exactly what payment options and insurance coverage is available to you. You can schedule by clicking the Green "Schedule an Appointment" button at the top right of our homepage.

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